“What lies ahead and what lies behind are small matters compared to what lies within”

The Zen House:

Yoga TrainingThe Zen House: A Yoga and Healing Arts Studio held it's final class and workshop on March 1.  The demands involved with running two businesses negatively effective the studio owner, Kelley Litle's health.  "It has been an honor serving the community through yoga." Kelley said,
 "However, I must now focus fully on my health, as well as my original business,The Zen House: The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".

Zen House yoga instructors Maleese Warner and Emily McConnell have decided to continue onward, opening their own yoga studio in the former Zen House.  For more info on this new endeavor please e-mail: maleeses@gmail.com
 or Emily.j.Mcconnell@gmail.com.


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